How a Successful Rebrand Solved 4 Brand Challenges

Lamfers & Associates recently completed a successful rebranding effort for iHealth Labs. There were four specific challenges our team addressed:

  • Helping iHealth to stand out in an increasingly crowded product category.
  • Promoting high-tech to an older audience that is not always tech-savvy.
  • Ensuring compatibility with Apple Store packaging requirements.
  • Satisfying multilingual packaging requirements for international distribution.

Case Study: iHealth Labs

iHealth creates mobile apps and personal healthcare products that measure vital states—such as blood pressure, body fat, and sugar levels—to help people actively manage their well-being.

iHealth’s research revealed that their new products were appealing to a larger audience with a wider age range. Additionally, growth in the m-Health category meant it was vital to differentiate themselves from new competitors, including Fitbit and Withings.

iHealth asked L&A to refresh the company’s brand image and create a strong international presence by developing a multilingual universal design system.

Updating the iHealth logo

iHealth had significant equity in their logo with loyal customers. L&A made subtle yet powerful updates including choosing a proprietary color to stand out in an increasingly crowded category, and a slightly heavier letter stroke to ensure the logo can be scaled down and stay readable for print and digital applications.

Making iHealth accessible and distinctive

Our typeface choices, information graphics, and icons make for a quick and easy read at point-of-sale while also translating to online applications. And developing the brand’s proprietary orange has helped iHealth differentiate themselves from a sea of blue and green competitors as well as enhance approachability. Crafted by our colleague and copywriter, Karen Goldfarb, iHealth now has updated new key messages to strongly support their brand into the future.

Appealing to an ageing audience

As the average age of iHealth’s customers increases, it’s essential for their packaging to be friendly and approachable to attract consumers that are often less tech-savvy. L&A created an illustration style that is warm to humanize iHealth’s medical products.

Paying attention to the details

iHealth’s products are sold at Apple Stores so L&A called upon our extensive experience working with our tech clients that also sell through this channel. Our familiarity with the Apple Guidelines Manual as well as the process for approvals was invaluable, saving iHealth time and potentially costly reprinting.

IHealth’s products and packaging are on shelves throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. Experienced with multilingual marketing, L&A tapped our knowledge of country-specific language requirements and shared our resources for the best and most accurate translation services.

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New Logo & Proprietary Color




New Friendly Illustration Style


New Quick-Read Packaging


New Colorful Packaging