4 Ways to Expand Your Brand

There are several ways to expand your brand, and the reasons to do so are plenty. When done correctly, expanding your brand can generate more revenue, increase market share, and create cross-selling opportunities.

Here are four examples of companies increasing their visibility and amplifying the value of their brand.

  • Develop a co-branding deal. Team up with another brand name, or names, to create a new product. (Red) is one of the largest co-branding partnership efforts in history. The Global Fund has joined forces with American Express, Apple, Gap, Starbucks, Alessi, U2 and many others to fight AIDS in Africa.
  • Introduce your brand name into new categories. The Virgin Group name was born when Richard Branson’s flight to the Virgin Islands was canceled. Annoyed, he chartered a plane, wrote ‘Virgin Airlines’ on a blackboard, and approached other passengers with cancelled flights to join him. Virgin Airlines was born. Since then, the Virgin Group has brought their name to new categories including Virgin Mobile and Virgin Galactic, the world’s first commercial spaceline.
  • Build a house of brands. Starwood Hotels and Resorts is an example of a house of brands, each targeted to slightly different demographic groups. The Westin guest is a little different from the W Hotels guest, who is a little different from the Aloft guest, for example. By building a house of brands within the same category, you can capture more of the market while leveraging the reputation and goodwill established by the parent company.
  • Create a sub-brand. We see it in retail with the traditional Ann Taylor store and its lower-price-point LOFT outlets. What’s most important is that your sub-brand(s) reflect and reinforce the core values of your corporate brand.

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(Red) has multiple partnerships, making it one of the largest co-branding efforts in history.



The Virgin Group has  expanded their brand name into numerous categories.


Starwood created a house of brands with each appealing to a different demographic.

ANN TAYLOR - Ann Taylor opens first international store

Ann Taylor’s original brand.


Ann Taylor’s sub-brand, LOFT, sells lower-priced merchandise while still reflecting the core values of the corporate brand.